Common Repairs on the 1st Generation Mercedes-Benz CL Class

The Mercedes-Benz CL-Class (“CL” standing for the German “Coupe Leicht,” or “coupé light”) was designed as the flagship of the new Mercedes-Benz aesthetic, and they based much of its features off of their already popular S-Class. While the S-Class was a full size luxury sedan, the Mercedes company decided that a luxury coupe would be a better choice for their calling card, and so the CL was designed with these considerations. The initial run of the CL-Class, the W140, was produced between 1992 and 2000. Some of the more common issues owners experience with the 1st generation model include:

Suspension System: The self-leveling suspension system, known as the ADS (Adaptive Damping System), could develop faults. Owners reported issues such as sagging or uneven suspension, resulting in an uncomfortable ride and increased tire wear.

Climate Control System: The climate control system in the 1st generation CL had reported problems, including issues with the heating or cooling functions. Malfunctioning blower motors, faulty climate control sensors and inadequate temperature regulation were among the common complaints.

Hydraulic System: The W140 featured a complex hydraulic system, which operated various functions such as the power steering, suspension and braking systems. Issues with hydraulic leaks or failures of hydraulic components were occasionally reported.

Engine Wiring Harness: Some 1st gen CL models had problems with the engine wiring harness, which could lead to electrical malfunctions, engine misfires or even stalling. These issues were commonly caused by the degradation of insulation on the wiring harness, but have your trusted Mercedes-Benz technician check it out to be safe.

All of these issues can result in a potentially dangerous situation for both you and your passengers. We highly recommend that your response to any and all problems be to make an appointment with a local Mercedes Benz repair garage so that your car can be returned to tip-top shape.

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