Common Repairs on the 1st Generation Mercedes-Benz E Class

The Mercedes-Benz E Class W210, 1995-2003, was said by some to have reinvented the look of the Mercedes. Offered as station wagons and sedans, the import sported sophisticated and sharp changes, from trim to interior. Like any new automobile, however, this E Class came to be known for a few common problems, as well.

Stalling Problems: Drivers have reported their W210 stalling, oftentimes without warning. This could occur for a variety of reasons, ranging from malfunctions in the CPR to problems with the MAF.

Sunroof Problems: When this issue manifests itself, the roof typically fails to open regardless of automatic or manual attempts. Cables and cover plates may have loosened. Alternately, the entire system may need replacement.

Ignition Switch and Remote Key Problems: Many owners have reported that, while their key continues to unlock the door, it fails to start the car. If the vehicle fails to recognize its key, the issue could be a broken coil or a faulty EIS switch.

Limp Mode Problems: This mode is designed to protect your German import’s transmission. Faults could lie within the ECU, the transmission adapter, or other parts and processes, but regardless the symptoms should not be ignored.

Repeat Broken Springs: If you notice a thumping sound from the front of your high mileage E Class, springs might have snapped.

A local, independent German import garage will be familiar with your Mercedes’ most common issues. It will have the specific tools and diagnostic systems to quickly and correctly identify the source of any problems, yet be able to offer reasonably priced services. These mechanics will be passionate about your import, just like you, and their respect will manifest itself in their work.

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