1st Generation Mercedes-Benz GL Class Battery Drainage Issues

From 2006 to 2012, German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz produced its first generation GL Class line of luxury sport utility vehicles. These vehicles were manufactured from top-of-the-line materials, reflected in its stunning elegance and opulent interior. Because their beauty and dependability are still in high demand, many Mercedes GL Class SUV’s are still sought after today. Although these sport utility vehicles are highly desirable, many Mercedes owners encounter problems with their vehicles.

A common complaint among Mercedes-Benz SUV owners is quick drainage of the battery, often in as little as a single night. The first signs are usually dash lights that appear dim upon ignition, but brighten as the vehicle is driven and the alternator recharges the battery. If ignored, this problem will progress until the battery is completely dead if left for long enough. Recharging the battery will temporarily solve the problem, but the battery will just become drained again.

The electrical system in most modern cars is extremely complex and the same can be said of the SUV’s in Mercedes’ GL Class line. The cause of the electrical problem could be a number of issues and diagnosis and isolation of the issue could prove to be very difficult. For this reason, we recommend that anyone experiencing problems with the electrical system in their Mercedes SUV visit a nearby Mercedes service center for evaluation.

For assistance with this or any other issue, your nearby Mercedes-Benz service specialist is the best source of information for repairs and maintenance associated with your Mercedes-Benz. Customer satisfaction is the number one priority for these service professionals and they will be happy to help with any questions or issues you may experience with your Mercedes-Benz.

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