1st Generation Mercedes-Benz M Class Window Switch Malfunction

The year 1997 saw the release of the Mercedes-Benz M Class, a new luxury midsize SUV slated to fill a market niche between the popular GLK Class and GL Class. The 1st generation M Class, the W163, received the highest possible safety marks in crash tests, and went on to become the base design for the Popemobile. Some owners complain of window switch malfunctions.

Erratic or unresponsive windows are some of the most annoying problems that can occur in a vehicle. Unfortunately, they occur quite often, and we are left with cars that are either sealed up like tombs or a never-ending draft. What most commonly occurs in W163s is that the windows become totally unresponsive after a certain amount of time. Some owners say they can lower their windows but can’t raise them back up again, and some owners say that no matter what they do the window doesn’t move up or down. Regardless, the problem is an irritating one, and it most likely lies in a difficult to reach place: inside the door.

In order for the electronic switch to function properly, there are a number of components that must all work together. There is a motor, a series of cables, a wire harness, and several clips that grip the window. Problems with the switch can usually be attributed to the motor—also known as the window regulator—or the wire harness. If the failure of the window to move is also accompanied by a harsh grinding sound, then your might be looking at tangled or jammed cables, but if the malfunction is totally silent, the issue likely lies in the electrical components.

Taking apart the door is tricky, and it can easily result in a smashed window. Even if one managed to pull everything apart with no major hang-ups, there is then the issue of identifying the genesis of the problem. In order to save you time and a headache, we suggest a visit to your local Mercedes service expert. Let them deal with the hassle so you don’t have to. After all, it is what they’re there for.

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