1st Generation Mercedes-Benz S Class Acceleration Problems

The Mercedes-Benz S Class is a luxury sedan that has been one of the most popular cars in the world since its release in 1972, making it no joke that the name “S Class” actually stems from the German word Sonderklasse, or “Special Class.” The W22, a recent incarnation of this car, was released in 1999 and ran until 2005. Owners not uncommonly experience issues with the car’s acceleration.

Owners experiencing this problem report that their car can accelerate, but that it does it in a strange way. When the pedal is depressed, nothing happens for a few moments, but then the car will start moving. If pressure is kept on the pedal, the car will always be able to accelerate normally, but if the foot is taken off the pedal when you need to accelerate again the car will once again take a few moments before responding to the pressure. This issue makes it seem as though the car might be about to stall, but it always runs smoothly (except for the unusual acceleration, of course).

Some owners fix the issue by replacing some of the electronics inside of the gas pedal. Because some models have a gas pedal that works via electronic messages rather than direct connection a short in the pedal will result in improper signaling to the engine. The other common reason for this problem is that the accelerator pedal module needs to be replaced. This module makes sure that the transmission and engine control get the same message with regard to the pedal position, and if it fails contradictory messages are sent, resulting in the car starting in 5th gear before moving to first.

Any repairs dealing with such an important feature as the pedal should only be attempted by a professional. Taking your W220 to a nearby German auto service center will ensure that your MB receives the close attention that it deserves and that you will be on the road again before too long.

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