2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz C Class Sunroof Malfunction

Part of the "Big 3" of the German auto makers, the Mercedes-Benz company can trace its history back at least a century. The name has become synonymous with luxury and style and has become a status symbol to illustrate the success one has had in his or her life. Despite the luxury, performance and style, however, a few problems due crop up from time to time that Mercedes-Benz W203 owners find vexing.

Malfunctioning sunroofs seem to be a common problem across a wide range of automobiles. It is in no way limited to Mercedes-Benz models, German autos, or even imports. Some C Class owners have reported that their sunroofs will not close completely. Others report that once they have closed the sunroof completely, it will open back up. Sometimes it will open only slightly, but it hardly matters how big the gap is when there shouldn't be any gap at all.

The reasons for the sunroof opening back up on its own are several. It may be that in colder weather, the seals get stiff and will not allow for any give when the window panel is pressed against it, thus creating a slight gap. Likewise, if the track that the window travels on contains excessive dirt, then this may also adversely affect the closing of the window. A special lubricant may be required to solve this problem.

If you are the owner of a compact executive auto in the Mercedes-Benz C Class line and are experiencing problems with a sunroof that is not functioning in the proper manner, it is highly recommended that you take your car to an independent Mercedes-Benz repair specialist for diagnosis and repair.

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