2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz CL Class Active Body Control Leak

The CL Class by Mercedes-Benz line blends top-of-the-line interior comforts blends with power and performance to create some of the smoothest rides on the luxury market today. An important feature standard to all Mercedes CL class cars is the Active Body Control System, which is a group of 13 sensors on the vehicle that monitor motion of the chassis and relay information to hydraulic system that dampens these forces in the cabin to create the smooth ride typical of Mercedes vehicles. Unfortunately, the ABC system often presents issues for some Mercedes owners.

Symptoms of a fault within the Active Body Control system include warning light that turn on and off from time to time, or experiencing a jerking feel through the wheel around turns. If this problem is ignored over time, the ABC system may completely fail, causing an extremely rough ride in the cabin, even on seemingly flat terrain.

Often, if the Active Body Control system is failing, the process is gradual. Many owners report that the ABC dummy light comes on when the car is started, but goes away once the engine has been running for a few minutes. Or the vehicles ride may become rough over uneven road, but will smooth out after some time. Because of the expensive repairs this problem may cause, this situation should not be ignored.

Any of these symptoms should prompt owners to take the vehicle to their local German auto import mechanic as soon as possible. They have the proper tools and knowledge required to accurately diagnose the cause of the problem and make the right repair quickly so you can get your Mercedes CL class back on the road.

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