2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz CLS Class Cold Engine Start Up Noise

The Mercedes CLS C218, built by German manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is a large luxury sedan highly praised for its style and dependability. Famous for its German engineering, the Mercedes C218 offers a wide variety of engine sizes with BlueTEC technology, designed to increase engine efficiency. Although the BlueTEC engines are a great advance in vehicle manufacturing, many Mercedes owners can be frustrated by issues they experience with them.

A common complaint from Mercedes-Benz C218 owners is a phenomenon called ‘cold engine start up noise.’ These drivers report a loud metal on metal sound when they first start their engines, and is often described as a metallic grinding. This is found on both new and used models and could also be accompanied by a rough running engine. As the vehicle’s engine becomes warm, the noise and rough ride subsides.

Because the noise goes away after a minute or two, often Mercedes owners do not find it a priority to have their vehicles evaluated by a professional. This is a grave mistake because the underlying cause is often bearings in the engine grinding, causing the metal on metal noise. Mercedes-Benz is aware of this issue and has issued a service bulletin in conjunction with it.

The repair for this problem is replacing the bearing with over-sized bearings in the engine, and can be very costly if not covered by the service bulletin. For this reason, we recommend a visit to your local Mercedes-Benz service center for diagnosis and repair of the system. They can evaluate your vehicle and inform you if your vehicle would be covered under the technical service bulletin.

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