2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz CLS Class Power Window Problems

The Mercedes C218 CLS by Mercedes-Benz, manufactured from 2010 to the present, is the ultimate in luxury vehicles, with a blend of style, elegance and convenience. Hands-free navigation system, Bluetooth, power windows, doors and trunk latch are standard on every vehicle. With so many automatic conveniences, it is unsurprising that several Mercedes-Benz C218 owner have issues with power accessories, especially the power windows.

Complaints many Mercedes owners have with their power windows include sticking and squeaking when rolling them up or down and sticking at certain levels. They may also experience loss of the ‘fully actuated’ feature which rolls the window completely up or down when the button is held. Sometimes the window may stick or drag on the middle pillar between the front and rear doors.

If left over time, the motor that controls the window can become stressed from the extra load associated with dragging the window and forcing a sticking window to close. This would lead to motor failure and replacement – a more expensive repair. Addressing the problem swiftly would avoid the additional issue.

The risk associated with breaking the window and extra expense associated with replacing it should deter the home mechanic from attempting the repair. Your local Mercedes-Benz service professional has the right tools and knowledge to make the repair quickly and easily. Their expertise will ensure the cause is addressed properly and get your car’s accessories functioning again.

Search for a local, independent Mercedes-Benz repair shop with Mercedes-Benz mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.