2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz M Class Climate Control Problems

The second generation M Class W164 SUV by Mercedes-Benz, introduced in the United States in 2005, is a larger, more technologically advanced version of the first generation M Class W163. Some of new technology included on the M Class W164 are Active Curve-illuminating headlights and the seven speed G-tronic transmission. With all of the technological comforts available on the Mercedes-Benz M Class, it is not surprising that some owners have trouble with some technological components.

Often Mercedes M Class SUV owners report that the dual climate control ceases to function properly, even on lower mileage cars. Either the driver’s or passenger’s side control dials will adjust to a change in the setting and then revert immediately to the previous setting. Sometimes, if the occupant can pull out on the dial, the climate control will change settings but most of the time this is only a temporary fix.

Although this issue may mimic a bad contact behind the climate control panel and may be tempting for the home mechanic to tackle him or herself, it is not recommended. There is a different replacement part for Mercedes-Benz SUV’s dependent on the vehicle’s VIN number and needs to be programmed once it is placed into the vehicle’s computer system. For this reason, the appropriate repair is often more than the home mechanic is prepared for.

If you experience this issue in your Mercedes M Class SUV, consult your nearby German auto import specialist for evaluation of the vehicle. Frequently, the repairs can be covered under warranty and the friendly staff at your local Mercedes-Benz service center would be happy to help you resolve this issue so that your Mercedes can be back on the road in no time.

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