2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz M Class Driver Side Lock Problems

The second generation Mercedes M Class is a line of midsize luxury SUVs manufactured by German auto maker Mercedes-Benz from 2005-2011. These vehicles are a terrific example of German engineering and dependability and are still very popular with drivers in the European import market. Although drivers of these sport utilities widely report no problems with their vehicles, some owners have experienced technological issues with their vehicles, specifically the automatic door locks.

In most cases, Mercedes-Benz M Class SUV drivers report failure of the automatic door locks in which the remote locks will function on all but the driver’s side door. This means that in order to unlock the vehicle, someone must enter from one of the other doors and manual lift the latch on the driver’s side to allow the driver entry. Once inside, the driver’s side buttons on the inside of the door also will not function. Usually, these individuals also report that when they actuate the button, no clicking or motor sounds can be heard.

While this issue can be infuriating, we do not recommend that you attempt this repair at home. The cause of the issue is most often the door control module, which is part of the larger electrical system run by your vehicle’s onboard computer. This repair is quite complicated and is best left to a professional.

If you are experiencing any issues with your automatic door locks, consult the service repair technicians at your local Mercedes-Benz service center. They have the correct tools, knowledge and experience to make the correct diagnosis and repair for any technological issue you may experience with you Mercedes-Benz M Class SUV.

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