2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz M Class Transmission Problems

The second generation M Class W 164 SUV is the midsize version sport utility vehicle offered by Mercedes-Benz. The M class comes standard with four-wheel drive and a seven speed G-tronic transmission. Though Mercedes-Benz typically produces extremely reliable vehicles, many M Class owners have transmission problems with their midsize sport utilities.

Typically, Mercedes owners will report that the troubles begin with noises they notice when starting a cold vehicle. If not allowed to warm up and thrown into gear when cold, the transmission may shift hard in the lower gear and make growling or grinding sounds. They may also notice hard downshifts in any gear or the action of shifting may cause the whole SUV to make a jerking motion.

If left unchecked over a long period of time, the transmission may completely fail. When this happens, your SUV will not to shift out of the lower gears and may make driving almost impossible. This is a major safety hazard that no driver should accept in a luxury vehicle. Because of the risk of extreme damage to your vehicle, we recommend taking your Mercedes SUV to a Mercedes service center immediately if you are experiencing this issue.

A local Mercedes-Benz service technician will be able to accurate diagnose the cause of your transmission issues and recommend the correct repairs, even check to see if these repairs might be covered under the warranty on your vehicle. Their commitment to customer satisfaction will ensure your problem is handled quickly and accurately, so you can get back to enjoying your Mercedes-Benz SUV.

Search for a local, independent Mercedes-Benz repair shop with Mercedes-Benz mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.