2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz S Class Rough Idling

The S Class sedan is a large luxury vehicle produced by Mercedes-Benz, a brand that is often lauded for their performance and German engineering. The Mercedes-Benz S Class has been received several awards by Car and Driver, Motortrend and other top auto reviews. Mercedes-Benz’ commit to safety, performance and dependability are evident in the S Class W221 sedans, and many of these vehicles are still on the road today. Though dependability is not usually an issue for Mercedes-Benz S Class owners, some do experience mechanical problems with their vehicles.

Most often, the mechanical problems Mercedes drivers report are issues described as rough running engines. When the car is in park, or the engine is idling at a very low speed, the car will shake very noticeably. If the car in not in park, this may be accompanied by a rough ‘kick’ when the accelerator is pressed as the engine revs up. The vehicle may also want to ‘die’ at low RPM’s or misfire.

The root cause of this situation could be a variety of issues. Sometimes, the ignition coil will go bad, or it may be a vacuum leak in the engine, or a throttle body actuator. Because diagnosing the problem is difficult and time consuming, the best solution is to take the vehicle to an expert for evaluation.

The service professionals at your local Mercedes-Benz service center are knowledgeable and experienced in dealing with engine issues on all types of Mercedes-Benz vehicles. Their commitment to safety and customer satisfaction means the right diagnosis and repairs will be performed on your vehicle, as quickly as possible.

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