2nd Generation Mercedes-Benz S Class Steering Wheel Vibrations

The S Class line of luxury sedans by Mercedes-Benz is perhaps one of the most recognizable luxury models on the road today. These vehicles have withstood the test of time with consumers, as Mercedes-Benz manufactures top quality, safe, reliable vehicles year after year. The Mercedes-Benz W221 S Class, built from 2005-2013 is no exception to this rule and has won several accolades for its safety and quality. As reliable as the Mercedes-Benz vehicles are, they are not without mechanical issues.

Mercedes-Benz owners sometimes encounter handling problems with their automobiles, specifically steering wheel vibrations. This can occur even with very low mileage vehicles. The problem is described as a ‘shimmy’ in the steering or a constant slight back and forth motion in the steering wheel. In extreme cases, the shimmy is strong enough to be felt by other passengers riding in the vehicle. This situation usually presents itself at higher speeds and may be greater to one side.

Difficult steering or a ‘shimmy’ is a definite safety hazard and no driver should attempt to operate a vehicle if there is a steering problem present. Because of the serious nature of this issue, we do not recommend that the repair for this issue be attempted at home.

Your local Mercedes-Benz service technician is your best source of information and knowledge with respect to steering problems you may be experiencing with your Mercedes-Benz S Class. We recommend that you do not delay in taking your vehicle in for an evaluation if your vehicle exhibits steering wheel vibrations.

Search for a local, independent Mercedes-Benz repair shop with Mercedes-Benz mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.