3rd Generation Mercedes-Benz C Class Drivetrain Issues

The Mercedes C-Class 3rd generation is a highly coveted line of luxury cars produced by the German manufacturer Mercedes from 2007 to 2014. Designed with the first-time luxury car buyer in mind, Mercedes offers a wide range of trims and options to fit different tastes and styles. The Mercedes C-Class 3rd generation is available in four different trims in the European market. The standard model is the C250, also known as the Classic/SE. The mid-level options are the C300 Elegance/Luxury and the C350 AvantGarde/Sport. The high performance C 63 AMG rounds out the top end of the lineup.

Although, there are several engine packages to choose from, a common complaint for some Mercedes C-Class owners is problems with the drivetrain. Specifically, they report that even on low mileage engines, they experience a loss of power when shifting which may or may not be accompanied by a thumping noise. This most frequently happens with deceleration in between 2nd and 1st gear. If you experience this issue or any jerking or unusual engine noise while shifting, a visit to your local German auto import specialist for a diagnosis of the problem is in order.

Mercedes has found that some transmission on their C-Class models have a problem with the eletrohydraulic unit that can cause jerking while shifting. This may be remedied by a reset of the ECU unit or a replacement of the valve body. Either repair can be performed at your nearby Mercedes-Benz service center by a knowledgeable service technician. Their commitment to customer service will ensure your car is repaired and out on the road again as quickly as possible.

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