3rd Generation Mercedes-Benz SLK Class Wind Noise

The Mercedes Benz SLK Class R172, 2011-present, is a German sports car known for being lightweight and fast. This two-door roadster has a retractable hardtop, which features the highly customizable Vario Roof. Other options include the AIRSCARF, Intelligent Light System, Dynamic Handling package, Speed Limit Assist, and more. Like any new model, however, this third generation Mercedes has been known for a few common problems, including wind noise.

These sounds are sometimes described as whistling noises, and drivers have reported a variety of locations from which they believe the sounds originate. Some owners, for example, hear the whistling near their driver’s side window. Logically, the sounds get louder as the car moves faster, and the problem sometimes worsens in windy conditions.

One potential cause for this issue is rubber failing to seal properly when an operator rolls up his or her window. Alternately, there could be a windshield seal issue, or the c pillar’s weather stripping could be failing. When seals dry out, for example, they begin to crack, or if they become even slightly dislodged, the seal becomes broken. Some drivers have found that what they thought to be a leak was actually a normal mirror crosswind sound.

While some owners attempt to remedy such problems with glue or silicon, the R172 is a luxury vehicle, and it deserves expert attention from professionals such as your nearby German import service shop. An independent specialist will be able to offer affordable service and advice, yet they will be familiar with your make and model and its common problems. This will allow them to troubleshoot efficiently and repair effectively.

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