5th Generation Mercedes-Benz SL Class Gear Stuck in Park

The Mercedes Benz SL Class Fifth Generation (R230) was produced from 2001-2012 and was offered as a 5-speed or 7-speed automatic. Although the Mercedes Benz R231 eventually replaced this roadster in 2012, the R230 was highly praised for its sharp handling abilities and sleek body style. Like any make and model, however, this German import demonstrated a few common issues, such as a gear stuck in park problem.

If your R230 refuses to move out of park, you may be experiencing this malfunction. Some drivers have reported that they are eventually able to shift into gear, while others cannot. Unfortunately, this can occur even when the car is warm, which can result in the driver getting stranded at a stoplight, a stop sign, or another inconvenient location.

There are a variety of potential causes for this issue, and the failure can be gradual or sudden. The solenoid could need repair, or the shifter might need to be replaced. Alternately, the electronic control unit could be damaged. Even some relatively experienced do-it-yourself mechanics have complained that it can be difficult to find the right parts. Don’t wait, however, until you are stranded. If you are experiencing shifting problems, a delay in consulting a professional could result in further damage to your transmission.

For the safety of you and your SL Class, we recommend contacting your local German import mechanic. Independent professionals will be able to offer cost-effective yet expert solutions. They will have the experience to diagnose your R230’s common issues, and they will have you back on the road as soon as possible.

Search for a local, independent Mercedes-Benz repair shop with Mercedes-Benz mechanics that have dealer-level expertise at a fraction of the expense.