6th Generation Mercedes-Benz SL Class Sticky Brake Pedal

Mercedes-Benz has been making the SL Class for over a half century and is known throughout the world for their attention to detail. Not only is this grand tourer backed by the reputation of this iconic German car maker, but owners know first-hand that these high class sedans deliver high performance. Which is not to say that these vehicles are completely problem free.

Some owners of the Mercedes-Benz SL Class have reported that the brake pedals on the car stick. Fortunately, this is not an issue of the pedal sticking when it has been pressed down completely, but rather, the pedal seems to stick after it has been pushed about a half inch. This problem has been noted to occur either shortly after the car has been started or if the brake has not been used for several minutes. It should be noted the pedal does not remain in this stuck position, but it is more like a temporary hitch.

Any problems a driver encounters with the brakes of their vehicle should be cause for alarm, but not panic. If the brake is only sticking slightly, but is able to be pressed enough to stop the car, then this isn't as serious as the pedal being stuck to the floor of the car. Brake issues are not something to ignore, however, so no matter how big or little this problem may seem, it does require the immediate attention of a trained professional.

If you are the owner of a Mercedes-Benz SL Class and you experiencing problems with a sticking brake pedal, then you should have it looked into immediately. Take your vehicle in to a nearby German import technician for an inspection and complete repair diagnosis.

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