Mercedes-Benz GLK Class Common Repairs

German auto giant, Mercedes-Benz, is the maker of the GLK class and has been since production began in 2008. This luxury compact model is a great crossover sports utility vehicle that owes a lot to its C Class W204 predecessor. Sometimes GLK owners have experienced problems that they are less than happy about.

Rough Downshifting From 1st to 2nd Gear: Some owners have noticed that when they downshift from second into first gear shift, they can feel the car jerk. It is not a smooth transition, especially at round thirty miles per hour.

Power Tailgate Problems: A problem noted by GLK Class Benz owners is that the power tailgate does not work properly and will not respond properly to the commands of the remote, key or interior power buttons. A manual opening and closing of the tailgate is often times required.

Leaky Windshield Fluid Tank: A cause of frustration for some owners has been a windshield fluid tank that leaks. The problem, some feel, is with the shoddy rubber grommet used to seal the pump.

Squeaky Brakes: Squeaky brakes are always grating for both the driver and passersby. Replacing the pads and rotors should fix this problem in most cases.

Rough Idling/Stalling Issues: Another issue that concerns GLK owners is an engine that idles roughly or stalls out completely. This can certainly be aggravating, but the solution could be as simple as a software update for the GLK's computer system.

If you own a Mercedes-Benz GLK Class SUV and are experiencing any of the problems outlined above, take your care to a nearby German import technician for a full a repair evaluation.

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