Mercedes-Benz GLK Class Power Tailgate Problems

The Mercedes-Benz GLK Class made its debut at the Beijing Auto Show in 2008 and since that time has proven to be a popular crossover SUV. This luxury compact, a great car in general, does give its owner's some problems occasionally.

One problem noted by owners of this class of Benz is an issue with the power tailgate. One thing that has happened which has given owners cause for frustration is a problem with the button that operates the tailgate. When pressed, the tailgate opens as normal, but then has a tendency to close immediately. For some, the tailgate opens only slightly before closing. This problem persists regardless of which button was pushed: remote, key or the button located on the inside of the vehicle.

Some car owners have also reported that their tailgate will not open at all. Despite hearing the tailgate motor engage, the tailgate is not raised or lowered. A few suggestions to try in the first instance is to make sure you are not holding down the open button for more than a second or two. If you are, you may be sending two commands to both open and then close the hatch. Some Benz owners have recommended cleaning out the door jam first and seeing if that helps solve the issue. For the problem of a complete failure, you may have to get that issue checked out by a professional.

If you are experiencing a problem with the power tailgate malfunctioning on your Mercedes-Benz GLK Class, take it into a local German auto maintenance mechanic for a diagnosis and repair estimate.

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