Mercedes-Benz GLK Class Rough Downshifting From 1st to 2nd Gear

German automaker, Mercedes-Benz, began offering the GLK Class of crossover SUV in 2008 and it has been proven to be a reliable vehicle. This compact luxury model debuted alongside the Audi Q5 which has also been a poplar choice among sports utility enthusiasts. However, GLK owners do report problems from time to time, such as rough downshifting from 1st to 2nd gear.

Owners of the GLK series have reported that the gear shift can be shaky or rough as they attempt to downshift the vehicle. Drivers have reported this occurring while downshifting at speeds of roughly thirty miles per hour. As they decelerate from higher speeds, they will feel the car jerk as they reach that 30 mph threshold. This problem does not happen when shifting up from first to second but only when the car is being downshifted.

A simple solution to this issue, as some owners have recommend, is resetting the car's transmission control unit. Resetting the TCU will return the transmission to its factory shift points. It is possible for you to reset the TCU yourself, but we recommend visiting a professional to perform such a task, just in case there are other things wrong with the vehicle that you might overlook.

A simple reset might not be enough to fix the problem, especially if you are noticing this “jerking” or rough downshifting on nearly every drive. So if this happens more than just occasionally, you should take your vehicle to an independent Mercedes-Benz repair specialist for a proper diagnosis and repair estimate. Don't let a small problem turn into a bigger one by neglecting to address the issue.

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