Mercedes-Benz GLK Class Rough Idling/Stalling Issues

Mercedes-Benz has been producing the GLK class for almost five years now. Benz fans love the car's compact size and the luxury crossover feel. As much as they do appreciate this car produced by the German automaker, some have experienced problems with the SUV.

One issue that has been giving GLK owners grief is when the engine stalls or idles roughly. Some Benz owners have noticed that this problem seemed to occur when the car had logged over 25,000 miles. They have noted that sometimes the car will stall out while idling which will then require that the engine be restarted. On some occasions, GLK owners have reported that the car has shut off completely while the car is in motion. This situation occurred at very low speeds and wasn't cause for panic necessarily. in one case the engine shut down while the driver was traveling through a parking lot.

One possibility for this could be outdated software in the car's computer. Benz owners have reported that they've taken their GLK into have the car's engine control unit updated and that this seemed to solve the problem. One driver had the timing belt on their vehicle changed as well as a software update, but which remedy was the one the fixed the problem is difficult to determine.

If you are experiencing issues with your Mercedes-Benz GLK class sport utility vehicle and rough idling or stalling issues, then you should take it into a nearby German import technician and have them give it a thorough evaluation and give you an estimate of all repair and replacement costs.

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