Common Repairs on the Mercedes-Benz R Class

The multi-purpose R Class, produced by German auto manufacturer Mercedes-Benz, is a great car for luxury and performance. The R Class has been delivering smooth rides for Benz owners for almost a decade, however, not always without a maintenance issue or two.

SRS Restraint Problems: One problem that owners of the Benz R Class have observed concern the safety restraint system. The warning light that signals a problem with the system can come on when there is no actual problem. This warning light that "cries wolf" so to speak, can give false readings that drivers may ignore.

Airmatic Problems: People may disagree on whether the Airmatic compressors of the R Class suffer from a poor design or they just tend to fail as the car logs miles. That really isn't as important as having a functional air compressor.

Tailgate Problems: Mercedes-Benz drivers have complained about the failure of the car's tailgate to respond to the remote, key and interior switch that opens and closes the tailgate. Reports of a complete or erratically functioning tailgate are not uncommon.

Suspension Problem: Some drivers of the R Class have observed a problem with the vehicle's suspension as the car approached the 100,000 mile mark.

Lack of Power-MAF Sensor Fail: R Class drivers have experienced problems with the mass air flow sensors on their vehicles which may require replacement.

If you've had encountered any of the problems outlined about with your Mercedes-Benz R-Class MPV, you should bring that vehicle in for an inspection by an independent Mercedes-Benz repair specialist right away.

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