McNally Auto

49 Toro Road,
North York, ON M3J2A4 CA
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McNally Auto specializes in Mercedes-Benz repair in the North York, Toronto, Mississauga and surrounding area.

3 Reviews

  • Christine
    Christine2 years ago

    I put my car into be repaired , I left a specific part to be replaced or repaired and they decided to replace a completely different part charge me for it and it did not resolve the problem , in addition they broke my original part that they decided to replace and so it could not be reversed and I was charged for their mistake , they left me with no option I had to pay or have him put back a part hat he broke and have my roof not work completely , or take it back as is with the original issue still there and with the new part I didn’t ask for or have them put back my old pet which they admitted to breaking while removing it “these parts are old they can break when removing them “ no responsibility taken at all or Pt for their mistake , I felt forced to pay and my car is still having true same issues I paid 3,000 to basically have them ruin my car . I don’t normally write reviews but I want to warn others not to trust this repair shop - beware they charge things without giving estimate and repair things without your consent and then force u to pay

    2005 Mercedes-Benz Slk350
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  • Gus
    Gus2 years ago

    I have been using McNally since he performed the pre-inspection on my GL before I purchased it (about 6 years ago). I've had nothing but good experiences with the shop/staff/service, and they are PROS at fixing MB vehicles. If you like giving your money to the "Stealership", you can - but Charlie McNally and his crew are the most open and honest shop I have ever dealt with - including the "stealerships". They aren't much cheaper than MB, but I'd rather give my money to these guys than the faceless corporate rip-off artists at MB. Charlie is honest as the day is long, and does excellent work. Probably THE only private shop I would ever trust to work on my MB. They know much more than the "stealer" service techs has been my experience.

    2007 Mercedes-Benz GL450
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  • Alexandre
    Alexandre3 years ago

    OK, nothing personal but facts only. My rear right door stopped opening by key. I found this company on Internet, came there for diagnostics and was impressed as everything was looking great. Big mistake. Huge. I paid over $100 for diagnostic and got the result on paper saying that door actuator must to be changed. Ok, I purchased new from Mercedes ($225) and replaced it. Guess what? Door is not working AND - because I did not put cover back - I was able to hear strange sound from door control unit. OK. I went to McNally again, they checked errors again and did not find ANY errors. I asked about door control unit, was told that yes, may be actuator damaged this unit as well. No problem, I purchased door control unit, tried it - everything is working good. Nice. I connected old actuator and ... everything is working good. It means two things for me: actuator was good from the beginning, and God knows what and how problem was initially checked as real issue was not found! Result of McNally works: spend $325 (new actuator and diagnostics fee) for nothing, spend a lot of time for nothing (waiting new parts etc.).

    2010 Mercedes-Benz E550
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