MB Master

415 Mackenzie Avenue,
Ajax, ON L1S2G2 CA
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MB Master offers quality and expert Mercedes-Benz repair and Mercedes-Benz service in Ajax, Ontario.

4 Reviews

  • James Oppenauer
    James Oppenauer2 years ago

    I feel they are the best mechanics for the money. I have great services every time. And without Jordon and his team, my ten year old car would not drive like a new one. 5 Stars

    2009 Mercedes-Benz B200 Turbo
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  • Sanjay
    Sanjay2 years ago

    Sure there are long wait, sure not the cleanest place, and I’m not expecting a loaner car either. That’s why you save money. I would say the dealer charges 100% more than what you will pay at MB masters. So if you want the bells and whistles, with a coffee machine, go pay for it!

    2014 Mercedes-Benz Ml350
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  • Andy Ko
    Andy Ko3 years ago

    By far the worst shop I've ever been to. Went there for a electronic issue, owner did a half completed job with the solder, didn't place back insulations and fried the ecu then claims no responsibility.

    Communication is definitely not one of their best traits. It's near impossible to get a hold of him through the phone, making me have to go there everyday to find out what's going on. Makes promises that they will look at your car day after day with new excuses. When i get there , many times i have to wait 30 minutes or so at the front desk before I can get a hold of someone for an answer. The owner does not care if you are waiting or not.

    The place is also probably the dirtiest I've ever seen. Pot holes everywhere when entering the site. Ive seen them just drive over them carelessly without slowing down. Inside the shop seems like it's never been cleaned before.

    For the many days they left my car there , there was one instance where they didn't know where my keys were. I found it in my car with the windows down and unlocked at night. I'm not saying they should be responsible for any lost personal belongings but leaving keys unattended or even organized enough to know it's whereabouts should be a standard ?

    I cannot exaggerate enough , if you want your car fixed at a regular time expectation. This is not the place to go. The 10 times I've been there to check my car , I've always seen people waiting to speak to someone since they don't always have a person at the front desk.

    Although the owner is disrespectful, some of the staff there are actually nice people. I live very close to the shop, and chose them to work on my Benz since they are a specialist. But after these experiences I've rather tow it to Cambridge to get it serviced by actual professionals.

    I didn't expect something like this to ever happen to anyone. Even some of his other customers, and tow drivers said this is a regular situation.

    1993 Mercedes-Benz 300e
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  • Richard H Armstrong
    Richard H Armstrong9 years ago

    Quality service & good rates!

    2008 Mercedes-Benz SL500
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