McNally Auto EuroMechanic

49 Toro Road
North York, ON M3J 2A4 CA
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McNally Auto EuroMechanic was established in 1999, by owner Charlie McNally. Charlie’s vast knowledge and experience, combined with his honest and approachable manner, makes McNally Auto service a reputable alternative to the dealer.

Charlie's team backed by Sam (Service Manager), Andy (Lead Euro Technician) and Aidan (Lead Euro Tech) are very knowledgeable and are committed to providing the highest level of service.

We are well known in Toronto and North York for being experts with all things European (Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Mini, Land Rover, Jag, Porsche, & VW).

We have free loaner (BMW X3s) vehicles available so when you drop your vehicle off for service, you can continue on your day with one of ours!


  • I have been going to McNally’s for over 8 years as a very happy customer. From the girls in the front to the mechanics and Charlie in the back, everyone has always been super helpful and knowledgeable about my car. The price and quality of work matches no other! Thank you so much for the past 8 years and to many more service calls with you!

    Sara E., via Google
  • I've been going to McNally Auto for over 10 years now. Charlie and his crew have worked on all of my Mercedes. They ROCK.......100% Professional service from their Mechanics and the front desk gang! Thanks again!

    Spiros A., via Google
  • Excellent mechanics, service and prices! Honest, transparent, helpful! McNally Auto Is the best shop I have ever used. They are knowledgeable & work as a team to keep you informed. The office manager is second to none and sources parts, pricing and timelines on the spot. Communication is frequent which is helpful when planning around car repairs! They have loaner cars for longer repairs! I am always brought into the shop and shown the required repair and old parts are always in the car upon completion. McNally has been my only mechanic shop for 7 years and they just keep getting better.

    Joanne B., via Google
  • Dealer level technicians and equipment with the service and pricing of an independent. Highly recommended. Great people, very trustworthy and excellent work. I am very happy and will definitely be returning. I have an older model Mercedes-Benz and it's hard to find people with the expertise and willingness to diagnose and fix these cars.

    Oliver P., via Google
  • Very professional and helpful! Highly recommend for all European cars!

    Peter W., via Google

4 Reviews

  • A Raymond Chu
    A Raymond Chu9 months ago

    Been a customer for nine years and always happy with their service. Especially when you pay at least double for similar service by the dealer. Also they save you money by not upselling you.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz C2008
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  • Christine
    Christine4 years ago

    I put my car into be repaired , I left a specific part to be replaced or repaired and they decided to replace a completely different part charge me for it and it did not resolve the problem , in addition they broke my original part that they decided to replace and so it could not be reversed and I was charged for their mistake , they left me with no option I had to pay or have him put back a part hat he broke and have my roof not work completely , or take it back as is with the original issue still there and with the new part I didn’t ask for or have them put back my old pet which they admitted to breaking while removing it “these parts are old they can break when removing them “ no responsibility taken at all or Pt for their mistake , I felt forced to pay and my car is still having true same issues I paid 3,000 to basically have them ruin my car . I don’t normally write reviews but I want to warn others not to trust this repair shop - beware they charge things without giving estimate and repair things without your consent and then force u to pay

    2005 Mercedes-Benz Slk350
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  • Gus
    Gus4 years ago

    I have been using McNally since he performed the pre-inspection on my GL before I purchased it (about 6 years ago). I've had nothing but good experiences with the shop/staff/service, and they are PROS at fixing MB vehicles. If you like giving your money to the "Stealership", you can - but Charlie McNally and his crew are the most open and honest shop I have ever dealt with - including the "stealerships". They aren't much cheaper than MB, but I'd rather give my money to these guys than the faceless corporate rip-off artists at MB. Charlie is honest as the day is long, and does excellent work. Probably THE only private shop I would ever trust to work on my MB. They know much more than the "stealer" service techs has been my experience.

    2007 Mercedes-Benz GL450
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  • Alexandre
    Alexandre4 years ago

    OK, nothing personal but facts only. My rear right door stopped opening by key. I found this company on Internet, came there for diagnostics and was impressed as everything was looking great. Big mistake. Huge. I paid over $100 for diagnostic and got the result on paper saying that door actuator must to be changed. Ok, I purchased new from Mercedes ($225) and replaced it. Guess what? Door is not working AND - because I did not put cover back - I was able to hear strange sound from door control unit. OK. I went to McNally again, they checked errors again and did not find ANY errors. I asked about door control unit, was told that yes, may be actuator damaged this unit as well. No problem, I purchased door control unit, tried it - everything is working good. Nice. I connected old actuator and ... everything is working good. It means two things for me: actuator was good from the beginning, and God knows what and how problem was initially checked as real issue was not found! Result of McNally works: spend $325 (new actuator and diagnostics fee) for nothing, spend a lot of time for nothing (waiting new parts etc.).

    2010 Mercedes-Benz E550
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