Tonalco Automobiles

5453 Avenue Royal Mount,
Town of Mount Royale, QC H4P1JE CA
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Tonalco Automobiles is a family owned and operated Bosch authorised service centre in Montreal, Quebec. Enthusiasts ourselves, we share your passion for fine European cars.

2 Reviews

  • Terry
    Terry6 years ago

    They damaged my airmatic strut by hitting it with a sledge hammer for 2 hours without seeing the second lockscrew at the bottom of the strut. I had show it to them and had to work myself in the shop to help the mecanics. My hands were pitch black and they stole 1500$ for changing 2 ball joint.

    2000 Mercedes-Benz s430
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  • M. Matte
    M. Matte12 years ago

    When I send my girlfriend to a mechanic, I can always tell how the service was by looking at her face. This garage told her that if she didn't replace the hood latch, it was going to fly open and cause a serious accident. After repairing it myself (major life-threatening problem? It was dirty.), I further discovered that we had a faulty braking system on one of the tires. As we dealt with Tonalco for a pre-sale full inspection only, I am disturbed to note that they not only missed the fact that there was an oversized mismatched wheel on the car, but also that the brakes on the RPS were inoperable. Had I known of this problem, I would not have purchased the vehicle, as the repair estimate now outvalues the purchase price.

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