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3 Reviews

  • jaime
    jaime1 year ago

    Called beforehand and told them my exact car make and model and the exact problem. He booked me in for an appointment Monday. When I showed up he immediately shamed me about the floor of my car being covered in dirt and that my car wasn’t as clean as his usual customers cars are. I am a girl and he asked me to pop the hood then immediately after asked me if I even knew how to. I replied yes and popped the hood. There were a couple pieces of pollen on the top of my hood and he told me it was gross and he didn’t wanna work on dirty cars. All that needed to be done in my car was for him to go into the programming and get the code that tells me what’s wrong with my transmission. He told me that before he could even start any fixings of my car he would have to clean my engine for $80 because it was dusty. I asked him if the dustiness of my engine affects him going into the programming of the transmission and he said no so I said I would not like to pay the $80 for my car to get cleaned. He then immediately refused me and said he doesn’t like working on dirty cars and that he doesn’t like getting his hands dirty even though he’s a mechanic and the owner of the store. He talk to me and treated me as if I was beneath him and I was only at the auto body shop for five minutes tops, before he turned me away. Over the phone I told him the exact make and model of my car and he said yes he can fix it and when I came he told me that he was doing a favor for me because they don’t normally fix these types of cars. Both the owner which is the man I spoke with over the phone and in person and his wife are super rude and entitled. They chose to send me away today because my car was too dirty for them to work on even though it’s barely dirty and I could just take it to a car wash and get it cleaned for like 10 bucks. I was treated so poorly and so rudely and was shamed the whole time and I’m glad he didn’t work on my car because he was an awful person.

    2011 Mercedes-Benz b200
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  • Roshc
    Roshc6 years ago

    Specialized in Mercedes Benz repair. This couple is very friendly, helpful, reasonable, with lots of experience. They tried their best to fix my car at their earliest. You can trust them. Highly recommend them.

    2006 Mercedes-Benz C 230
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  • dr Robert Kochendorfer
    dr Robert Kochendorfer8 years ago

    Highly recommended prompt service reasonable rates very knowledgeable I have referred other owners to Mirek with no hesitation

    2011 Mercedes-Benz 350ML
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